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My new CD, Piano+Strings, is now available!  Click on the song player on the left to hear a selection or click Listen above to hear the whole album.


I am a Canadian songwriter and producer with my own recording studio located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  Click on the different sections at the top of this page: Listen is where you can hear my music, Music Store is where you can buy and download individual tracks or a whole album; The Studio has info about the studio and the rates.  There are lots of Photos and some Reviews as well.  Under Bio you'll find some personal info about me and my background. 

My small, high-end, custom-designed studio is ideally suited to songwriters and performing musicians who want to record their own songs or covers, or create backing tracks for live performances.  Contact me to set up a free, no obligation consultation on how we could capture your music. 

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the music.