Alan's new CD

Balloon Ride is a vocal album with seven original songs and eight covers, including timeless hits like Let It Be Me, Tomorrow and Auld Lang Syne.

The arrangements feature pianos, keyboards, strings, drums, bass, guitars and lots of harmonies.  If you like well-produced, easy listening music, you'll like this new CD.

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Alan's connections


I hope you can spend a few moments exploring my website.  You can listen to songs from all of my CDs - for free - and much more.

You can purchase CDs, or single tracks, directly from this website (the cheapest option) or from your favourite music sites.

Click on the different sections at the top:  New Music  is where you can hear the new album.  Music Store  has all my CDs and this is where you can listen to all the music and buy and download individual songs or a whole album.  The Studio  has info about the recording equipment and the rates.  There are lots of Photos  and under Bio  you'll find some personal info about me and my background.  If you want to send me a message, give feedback on the music, or just say hello, click on Contact.  

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I am a Canadian songwriter and producer with my own recording studio located in Guelph, Ontario. 

My small, high-end, custom-designed studio is ideally suited to songwriters and performing musicians who want to record their music or create backing tracks for live performances.  Click on The Studio above for more info and Contact to set up a visit to see the studio and receive a free, no obligation consultation on how we could capture your music.  

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